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SLK Communications is a very strong team of professionals, who have the background of profound field-specific education at international universities, extensive experience of successful organization and PR support of interesting major projects and many happy clients

Together we have conducted PR support of such projects as Robotics Olympics, Moscow Science Week, GOOGLE Global Symphony Orchestra, VIII International Tchaikovskyy Competition for Young Musicians, The “Start-Up of the Year” Award and many projects of no less interest and scale.

Event hosts are happy with our work, because our team of professionals works 24/7, meeting and exceeding target number of publications in top-rated media, maintains friendly terms with Chief editors and producers of Russian and international media and, the last but not the least, has a flexible price policy.

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Angelina Tsoy

Founder and Director General

Graduated from the Journalism department of an International Relations Faculty. Proceeded to MS at the Manchester University.

Took several professional trainings in Germany, China, South Korea, is a prize winner of the “Feeling of the Present” competition for young journalists, organized by the German Goethe Institute (2007). Has a many years’ experience of socio-political and business PR, significant expertise in PR support of international events. From 2013 to 2014 she was a business partner of the Intelligent Matters communication agency. In 2015 she founded SLK Communications company of her own.

Julia Molchanova

Development Director

Graduated from the National Research University NSU, with the specialty in “Economics and Law” and the President’s program majoring in management, proceeded to MS at the Manchester University.

Was the head of the business incubator zone of the National Research University of the Higher School of Economics, set up the Social Entrepreneurship Development Center with the support of the government of Moscow. Worked out a wearable device promotion concept for the Russian level of the “Make It Wearable” Challenge by Intel (March-September 2014) and an education program for the Federal Target Program “Research and Development” of the Russian Education and Science Ministry (November 2012). Organized the “Start-Up of the Year” award (Moscow, 2013), the international contest of business projects by HSE with the support of the RVC state agency (Moscow, 2013, 2014).

Works as a consultant on strategic planning and creating new products in the field of education, modern technologies, business involvement.

Kseniya Salyukova

PR Manager of educational, IT, technologies, innovation and business projects

Graduated from the Master’s Program of the National Research University of the Higher School of Economics with the specialty in “Multimedia Journalism”.

Worked as a producer of the development and social network directorate of the RIA-Novosti agency. Specializes in on-line projects.

Has worked as a PR manager both at the client’s (Partnership projects of the “Business Magazine”) and the contractor’s sides (International Robotics Olympics, the AST Publishing). Took a study course in Berlin.

Knows the ropes of all the instruments of online and offline promotion, modern media sphere. Is a brilliant copywriter, generating powerful titles and selling slogans.

Tatyana Tkharyova

PR Manager of the art, show business and musical projects

Graduated from the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory majoring in Composition, proceeded to MS at the Manchester University.

Was a PR manager of several projects: Google (YouTube) – Global Symphony Orchestra, VIII International Tchaikovskyy Competition for Young Musicians (Moscow, June 23 – July 3, 2014), Irina Arkhipova Music Competition (Stavropol-Saratov-Vladikavkaz-Moscow), XXV Glinka International Vocal Contest (Moscow, 2014).

Knows the specifics Russian and foreign music and theater markets both in the field of classic and electronic music, is good at creating news pegs, generating content of an event. Has a big experience in holding news conferences, TV and radio coverage, media marketing surveys, writing press materials, booklets and advertising folders.

Irina Kostromicheva


Graduated from the Journalism Faculty of the Lomonosov MSU with the specialty of “Journalist, Radio Script Editor”.

Easily gets familiar with a new topic, chooses newsmakers and experts for giving comments and explanations. Writes and edits texts at a professional level. Never gives up in stressful circumstances, never misses deadlines. Appreciates hard tasks and an opportunity to learn something new during the work process. Among her successful media projects are “Other Dimension” program at the Radio Russia, “Leisure and Entertainment” magazine, “World of Economics Journal” magazine.

Alexandr Lashkov

Chief Creative Officer

Graduated from the Moscow State University with the specialty in publishing.

Branding professional: works out corporate identity, package design, creative advertisement concepts, creates brand books. Composes make-ups of magazines and websites, is acquainted with the most of technologies for printing and advertisement production, is skilled in using all graphic redactors. Has a big experience of work with such major companies as “Megafon”, “Beeline”, “MTS, “State Museum of Contemporary History of Russia” in Moscow. Has worked on a lot of successful media projects: World economic journal, Faces & Laces, GT.

Tatyana Kazmina

Video project producer, photographer, graphic designer

Graduated from the Far East Federal University with the specialty of “HR Manager”.

For the last six years has been working as a producer, coordinator and the head of photo/video projects. Her zone of responsibility is organization of the full circle of photo/video production – preparation, organization of shooting, location, scripts and photoscripts, direction of film editing, working with contractors and specialists, managing financial and administrative relations and copyright issues.

Has worked on the following projects: Olympic and Paralympic games in Sochi 2014, “Generation P” film by Viktor Ginzburg, “Vladivostok Dream” film by Ricardo Soto, “Last level” film by Dmitriy Shevtsov, “Tale about Darkness” by Nikolay Homeriki.

Mariya Volkova

Outside consultant in the fields of electronic music and extreme sports

Has a degree of a linguist-translator in the field of intercultural communications. Has a big experience in the music and sports industries.

Has worked as a booking manager and translator at the TC Group company which organized various entertainment activities, including The World of drum’n’bass: The big one (September, 2008), Moscow festival of Ultramusic (July, 2008), Battlefield Christmas (January, 2009) и Waterfield (October, 2008). Since 2011 she has been actively cooperating with the Kenguru Pro company that specialized in building playgrounds and the Workout 24 team, organizing sports contests and festivals: Moscow festival of outdoor sports (December, 2011), Workout Cup of Nations (December, 2012), Mayor’s Workout Cup (September, 2013), final of the Workout World Cup (December, 2013).

Knows the specifics of the electronic music, labels, music genres and modern artists. Has a big experience in organizing interviews with celebrities, radio coverage, conferences, writing press materials.

Last projects

Robotics Days

Forum «Robotics Days in Sochi”. Business forum and International Robotics Olympics. November 2014. Organized by the Association of the Children’s Goods Industry.

PR effect

Within the frameworks of the PR campaign we managed to attract to partnership 51 media outlets including such companies as Lenta.ru, ITAR-TASS, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Russia Beyond the Headlines, RT, Rossiya-24, Public Television of Russia and other top-rated media.

During the PR campaign the media partners published 136 materials, including 122 online publications, 4 printed materials, 8 video reports.

Within the PR campaign Angelina Tsoy’s team worked on attracting and accrediting media outlets for the “Days of Robotisc in Sochi” forum. As a result of this work 120 journalists were accredited to the forum. A total of 74 journalists visited the forum, including 19 representatives of Russian federal media, 50 representatives of regional media, 5 from international media outlets.

Angelina Tsoy’s team was also ensuring the work of the Press Center of the Forum: accredited and welcomed journalists, provided them with materials necessary for their work, organized press events (press-breakfasts and discussion club with the Deputy Minister of Press and Mass Communications Aleksey Volin), ensured media coverage of the events of the Forum, organized video interviews for the archive of the Forum.

    Days of the Future

    Days of the Future – is a festival of technologies. Organized by the “Robotron” corporation and “Gorbushkin Dvor” techno mall. October - November 2014.

    PR effect

    Number media partners:
    • 20 online media outlets
    • 5 printed media outlets
    • 5 radio stations
    • 8 TV channels
    • 50 journalists from 72 media outlets including 7 TV channels attended the press media preview of the Festival
    Marketing equivalent (RUB): 15 000 000

      Moscow science week

      Moscow science week is an interdisciplinary science forum. September 2014. Organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

      PR effect

      • 167 publications in relevant media
      • 50 media partners
      • 1000 subscribers to the Forum’s page in Facebook
      • 3000 registered guests and participants of the Forum

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