Implemented projects

«Investment Angel» World Investment Award

“Investment Angel” World Investment Award. Award for the best investment projects and investors in Kazakhstan. May 2013. Organized by the World Organization of Creditors.

PR effect

  • 30 media partners
  • 70 publications in international media
  • Award organizers entered the ECOSOC

    Start-Up of the Year 2013

    “Start-Up of the Year 2013” is an award for the best start-ups in Russia. December 2013. Organized by the business incubator zone of the Higher School of Economics.

    PR effect

    • Number of publications: 347
    • Number of media partners: 83
    • Media accreditation for ceremonies: over 50 journalists from 25 media outlets including 9 TV channels
    Marketing equivalent (RUB): 9 300 000

    Advertising communication

    During the PR campaign the following advertising communication was carried out without any additional financial expenses:

    • Rotation of 30-second-long ad of the award – 4-6 times a day at the “Pro Business”, “Synergy-TV” “Prosveshenie” TV channels
    • Rotation of 30-seconds-long jingle at the “Business FM” radio
    • Advertisement publishing in “Business Magazine”, “Russian Reporter”, “Expert” magazines

      Iron Entrepreneur

      Interuniversity contest «Iron Entrepreneur” is a business competition for Russian students. May 2014. Organized by the business incubator zone of the Higher School of Economics.

      PR effect

      • 15 media partners attracted
      • Number of publications: over 30 publications in educational, general interest, venture and business media
      • Reached target audience: over 50 000

        Start-Up Travel 2014

        “Start-Up Travel 2014” conference was a meeting of potential investors and sophisticated start-ups. June 2014. Organized by the Strogino technopark.

        PR effect

        • 40 media partners attracted
        • Over 100 publications in relevant media
        • Over 300 registered participants of the conference
        • Total targeted audience in social media: 530 000
        Marketing equivalent (RUB): 2 600 000


          HSE{14K} contest of business projects. July 2014. Organized by the business incubator zone of the Higher School of Economics.

          PR effect

          • Over 30 media partners
          • Over 90 Publications in relevant media
          • Reached target audience: 1 156 910

            Moscow science week

            Moscow science week is an interdisciplinary science forum. September 2014. Organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

            PR effect

            • 167 publications in relevant media
            • 50 media partners
            • 1000 subscribers to the Forum’s page in Facebook
            • 3000 registered guests and participants of the Forum

              Days of the Future

              Days of the Future – is a festival of technologies. Organized by the “Robotron” corporation and “Gorbushkin Dvor” techno mall. October - November 2014.

              PR effect

              Number media partners:
              • 20 online media outlets
              • 5 printed media outlets
              • 5 radio stations
              • 8 TV channels
              • 50 journalists from 72 media outlets including 7 TV channels attended the press media preview of the Festival
              Marketing equivalent (RUB): 15 000 000

                Robotics Days

                Forum «Robotics Days in Sochi”. Business forum and International Robotics Olympics. November 2014. Organized by the Association of the Children’s Goods Industry.

                PR effect

                Within the frameworks of the PR campaign we managed to attract to partnership 51 media outlets including such companies as, ITAR-TASS, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Russia Beyond the Headlines, RT, Rossiya-24, Public Television of Russia and other top-rated media.

                During the PR campaign the media partners published 136 materials, including 122 online publications, 4 printed materials, 8 video reports.

                Within the PR campaign Angelina Tsoy’s team worked on attracting and accrediting media outlets for the “Days of Robotisc in Sochi” forum. As a result of this work 120 journalists were accredited to the forum. A total of 74 journalists visited the forum, including 19 representatives of Russian federal media, 50 representatives of regional media, 5 from international media outlets.

                Angelina Tsoy’s team was also ensuring the work of the Press Center of the Forum: accredited and welcomed journalists, provided them with materials necessary for their work, organized press events (press-breakfasts and discussion club with the Deputy Minister of Press and Mass Communications Aleksey Volin), ensured media coverage of the events of the Forum, organized video interviews for the archive of the Forum.