Galina Kuznetsova Press service of the Association of the Children’s Goods Industry

For organizers of such a large-scale event as the “Robotics Days” in Sochi, the Association of the Children’s Goods Industry, it was important to find a PR partner, which had not only the traditional experience of PR support – from gathering a pool of media partners to final monitoring – but also had a structural mind, because the specific of the event was that it in fact consisted of three events with completely different format – World Robotics Olympics, business forum of innovation with the participation of representatives of federal government agencies and the EduRobotics — Expo exposition of the products of Russian manufacturers. And Angelina Tsoy proved to be this very kind of a partner.

We highly appreciated her ability to quickly get her bearings in a situation of uncertainty and take responsibility. All issues arising before, during and after the events Angelina solved quickly and efficiently. The news conference held before the opening ceremony of the “Robotics Days” in Moscow turned into an active discussion of speakers and journalists about the future of educational robotics. The news conference gathered representatives of television, press, radio companies from Moscow, Russian regional offices and foreign media. The same level of media interest was ensured during the event in Sochi – the press center worked almost around the clock. As a result the amount of media publications outnumbered the target several fold. The same was with the quality of the reports: first of all, she managed to gather correspondents who were really interested and familiar with the topic; second, working conditions for the journalists were as comfortable as possible both from the side of information support and from the side of living conditions in Sochi.

And what is especially important for us and what we cannot live without mention is how deeply Angelina was interested in the children’s goods and services industry, how closely she was sharing our values of responsible attitude of manufacturers to the products they make for children.

Denis Chetverikov Executive Director of the “Robotron” corporation

Thanks to Angelina Tsoy for cooperation over our “Days of the Future” project. We liked the approach to work. The head of the project, Angelina Tsoy, took a very responsible approach to the main points of the tasks given. It was pleasant to hear from my friends and acquaintances that they saw or heard information about our project in media, and from professionals – about efficient placing the ads in the right rotation. We also liked the quick settlement of many questions: there were moments when we need to correct something, and Angelina Tsoy’s team considered our wishes and followed them, I recommend Angelina Tsoy as a PR partner.

Tatyana Kulagina PR manager of the business incubator of the Higher School of Economics

We have already worked with Angelina Tsoy over the “Start-Up of the Year” award, that is why when we needed PR support of the HSE{14K} business projects contest and “Iron Entrepreneur” business game we did not even think about whom to ask for assistance. There was little time to work over the “Iron Entrepreneur”, but the guys did take the job and completed it to the “A” mark. The HSE{14K} also had a good result, we received several interesting proposals from media partners. We have implemented three projects together and hope that we shall have many new and interesting tasks in the future! Thanks to Angelina Tsoy for the quality of work and timely fulfilling her obligations.